Monday, March 5, 2012

EURUSD other possible outcomes

Ok so on Friday I presented you with this chart  and said that the downside could be contained by the channel  that I have shown you on the chart.
However, we might break through the channel and go to around 1.3070 area, or we might have an irregular flat that will lead us all the way down to 1.29 area(see the chart bellow). In case that we go to 1.29 area we will have an amazing buying opportunity, but I will discuss the wave c targets later if this scenario plays out. I do not have any positions in the EURUSD right now, but in case we go bellow 1.3050, I will start building a long position. I will post more updates on EURUSD and AUDUSD as soon as we have possible entry point.

Good Luck:)

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